Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Truth Behind the Full Moon: Werewolves, Monsters, and Crazy Old People

Have you ever had a night that everyone was acting a little crazier then usual, and you end us finding out that its a full moon?

Of course, we all have. There's a reason why...but i'll tell you in a moment.

First, i gotta share a story.

My mother's a she's been her entire life. Ever since I remembered she was working night shifts at convalescent homes. Not a glamorous job, but hey...she got into it because she wanted to help people. Can't hate on that. morning we were eating breakfast and she looked worn out. I was about seven I believe. My dad was asking her about her night.

"It was just god awful last night. We had about 7 patients flipping out and screaming. It felt like a nuthouse!"


Dad: (while laughing lol) "why do you suppose that is?"

Mom: " was a full moon. Its like this every full moon. Old people go bonkers"

Something so subtle and such a minor story but it stuck with me my whole life.

Why does that happen? Whats going on? I started noticing my own behavior patterns on a full moon waaaay before I even knew about Astrology. Full moon's seemed to be

very energizing for some reason...and yes...people started acting a little nuts. I noticed it myself.

Now consider this: Werewolves!

Yes consider werewolves. The old legend that man can turn into a wild beast on nights of the full moon. Wikipedia claims that these "creatures" changed on the nights of full moons.

It also claims that "(werewolf) legends may have been used to explain serial killings in less enlightened ages."

So lets get this strait. Crazy serial killers (no offence if you are one) would often flip their lids on the night of full moons and go off killing people. Right.

So why are the elderly...and apparently monstrous serial killers in the middle ages...both prone to going batty on a full moon?

Its not just them either. Its all of us. Think about it...think of the last "full moon" you experienced, and tell me what your night was like. A little wacky eh?

Years later after learning about moon signs astrology, I find out that a full moon occurs during an opposition between Sun and Moon. (An opposition is a 180 degree aspect occurring between two opposing signs in the zodiac. Every opposition contains signs of same polarity (yin/yang) and mode (cardinal, fixed, or mutable)).

In an opposition, each sign is basically trying to do the same thing. (For example, on the Leo/Aquarius axis, Each sign represents Identity. But where Leo focuses on the Self (represented by the sun) as the center of attention, Aquarius focuses on the self as it relates to everything else around it. More on that later)

Ok, what the hell does this all mean? Well during a full moon, the internal self is coming to terms with the external self. Its saying “Is who I on the inside reflecting who I am on the outside?” Its like the Sun, that which we can all see, is shining A big ass spotlight on the hidden part of our self inside and saying “HEY WAKE UP! EVERYONES LOOKING AT YOU!”

Intense eh? Makes sense that psychos that suppress their insanity get a blowout when said insanity gets all the attention. Shitty situation.

But for the rest of us, there is an obvious energy that we are forced to deal with. It’s the same energy that pulls the tides, as we are 80% water.

Its real, its there, and we need to understand it.

More on that next time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

MSN Astrology Explored: Free Astrology Blog

You are about to learn the secrets that horoscopes 'Never' know about Moon Signs Astrology. Inside you’ll find the free astrology secrets other people have used to make sense of horoscopes once and for all. Within minutes you will find yourself glad you read this blog. But don’t take my word for it…you be the judge.(~Moon Signs Nation~)

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Moon Signs Astrology Secrets

As you start reading the beginning of this article you find yourself thinking about astrology signs. You talk about them with your friends, you read your horoscope every day and you think you’ve got a decent understanding of astrology signs, but no matter what your read, you always find things you don’t agree with.

You have no idea why.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if it suddenly made sense? What if you were finally able to see the other side of the story? How can you fill in the gaps and learn whats going on underneath it all?

The answer is moon signs astrology.

Notice that all horoscopes you read (unless it states otherwise) are only about Sun signs. Consider that the sun is a single planet out of 9 that all part of a larger system. As time passes by, humans have always used astrology to track reoccurring cycles with planetary positions...since the dawn of man.

Here's The Bottom Line: For 6,000 years, humans have been developing and applying astrology systems on everything from personality indications to predicting the future. Mainstream culture has boiled it down into daily broadcasts once a day. These easy and relevant sun sign methods give you a glimpse of insight to the condition of your sun sign as it relates to current aspects in todays zodiac...and what it might mean for you.

You’re probably wondering why the sun soaks up all of the attention. Your mind perceives the Sun as your external Self as it relates to the world. Picture your presence, your ego (your mental identification self) and all of your conscious behaviors- these all are mechanics of your Sun sign.

Moon Signs Astrology is the Total Opposite.

Just suppose your moon Sign is more relevant to you then your Sun sign, and no one ever told you. The reality is that popular culture never references moon signs astrology for many reasons.

1) The moon changes signs every 3 days while the sun doesn’t change signs for about 30 (on average). This makes the moon harder to keep track of socially. For example, if you and I had birthdays in the same month its easy to assume that we have the same sign: Creating commonality. The moon, however, is almost never in the same sign on the same day every year. It takes more effort to look up your moon sign then it does your Sun sign, and being in such a fast past culture, we tend to go with what’s easiest.

2) The sun is more easily identifiable both in presence and by nature. During the day, you can’t miss the sun. You know where it is at all times and you feel its heat when you are in it. At night time, there is no heat. And the Moon needs to be looked for…especially on a New Moon where you can barley see it. Its more hidden and therefore less talked about.

3) The moon represents everything about us we can only face alone. It is the you inside you and therefore sheltered, protected, and sacred. (Note: The difference between the sun and moon is very apparent in the signs they rule. Where Leo (Sun ruled) is strong, unapologetic and bright, Cancer (Moon ruled) is the source…the spawning ground of life which is fragile but extremely powerful.)

Now...imagine the Moon as being less social and much more personal.

As a matter of fact, the moon represents your Internal Self: Your emotions, Your subconscious, your psyche, and your over all condition. Picture the very foundation of your being. It's quite obvious that the Moon plays a very important role in your life to understand. Get excited to learn moon signs astrology and you should do this every day.

You are reading this, aren't you?

Visualize a house representing your Sun with its basement representing your moon. One is what the world sees and the other is what they don't. Both are equally important in keeping the structure sturdy.

And you'll be surprised to discover what that means: For every single sun signs there are 12 possible moon signs. With 144 possible combinations of sun and moon, you can start to see how crucial it is to understanding astrology signs.

Okay, you’re probably thinking you should learn this stuff by now. And, as you listen to your mind, you can notice the feeling of relief that you finally found it.

Let me show you the secrets of moon signs astrology that will directly benefit your life. Apparently more breakthroughs in astrology are still being discovered and recent findings show that Moon is more important then it was ever thought to be before. (Note: I would site these sources but they are private). But more on that later.

Thanks for reading the first official blog post of Moon Signs Nation!

See you soon.

Astro Adam

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